Trader profits 90.000% after finding Bitcoin that he won when cryptomeda was worth R$ 217

With only R$ 2 that he won from Foxbit, investor profited more than R$ 1,800 after he forgot balance in cryptomoedas in the exchange.

A cryptomaniac trader profited over 90,000% from a fraction of Bitcoin (BTC) completely forgotten by him for years in a Foxbit Brazilian exchange account.

According to a statement published this Wednesday (13) on Twitter, investor Erick Slapelis explains that he earned the balance in cryptomoedas during a registration promotion for new users on the platform, and so forgot that there were almost R$ 2,000 in BTC.

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In fact, the trader won only R$ 2 from Foxbit during the exchange registration, still in 2014. However, with the valuation of cryptomeda in the last six years, the forgotten value has surpassed R$ 1,800 currently, with the price of Bitcoin above R$ 230 thousand.

Profit of the trader with Bitcoin

Over the last ten years, the price of Bitcoin has accumulated an unimaginable appreciation that has made cryptomoeda break consecutive records. With this price increase, any amount of BTC forgotten for years may have made a jump in value in the market, as is the case with the money forgotten by the trader at Foxbit.

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At the time, the amount received in Bitcoin in the promotion of new exchange registrations was only worth R$ 2. However, with the price of Bitcoin increasing progressively in the last years, the BTC fraction forgotten by the trader is worth R$ 1.812, according to the tweet about the case.

„I’d like to thank Foxbit, that in some moment, had a promotion that when making the register on it won $ 2 in Bitcoin. I forgot those $ 2 and, today when opening my account, I had $ 1,812“.

Cryptomoeda forgotten since 2014

The Bitcoin fraction found by trader Erick that had a profit of 90.500% in total was discussed by users on social networks. On Facebook, he stated that he didn’t know at what moment he won the balance in cryptomedas of the Foxbit exchange.

Initially, the trader believed that he received the reward for registering in the platform still in 2016. However, considering the fraction of BTC that corresponded to R$ 2, the user on Facebook suggests that the investor received the balance in cryptomoedas only in 2014.

„I don’t think it was in 2016. The lowest quotation for Bitcoin in 2016 was $350. Multiplying by your balance, it would give $3.40. It would have to be until 2014 for that amount in Bitcoin to match the BRL/USD quote of the time“.

Balance in Bitcoin of the trader in Foxbit (Reproduction/Twitter)
BTC was worth only R$ 207

The Bitcoin is being quoted at around R$ 190 thousand on the afternoon of this Wednesday (13). However, before arriving at this value, BTC has already experienced moments in which the price was only R$ 207.

In other words, when the trader won R$ 2 in Bitcoin from FoxBit, in 2014, cryptomeda was quoted at only R$ 207, a value almost a thousand times lower than the one currently practiced by the market.

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So, with an amount of 0,00966771 BTC that he found, currently the balance forgotten in cryptomoedas of the trader corresponds to R$ 1.835, considering the quotation of Bitcoin in R$ 189.823.