The RPG blockchain „Neon District“ will be launched on Matic’s network


The long-delayed blockchain role-playing game Neon District will be launched on Ethereum’s layer two scaling solution, Matic, according to a recent announcement.

Neon District’s developer, Blockade Games, will also move several of its community games to the web.

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Could we finally get into the Neon District?
The Neon District has been coming „soon“ since October 2019, when its impending launch was delayed by six months.

Set in a dystopian future, the game focuses on rebels fighting an authoritarian government. Players raise the level of their characters by completing missions, and acquire equipment in the form of non-expendable tokens.

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These NFTs will be freely tradable in an online marketplace powered by the Matic network.

Some eager players even bought units and inventory items in October, just before the game was delayed. Although they have had no choice but to keep these NFTs since then, Cointelegraph has been informed that the assets will be freely tradable within the next two months.

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Why Matic?
Neon District was scheduled to be launched on the Loom network, before the Loom project announced that it had „moved from blockchain games to business“ and dedicated itself to AWOL.

The Matic network is a similar layer two scaling solution for the blockchain Ethereum. Backed by the major Binance and Coinbase crypto currency exchanges, it has been gaining traction in space, attracting over 50 decentralized applications to its PoS+Plasma sidechain.

Second layer solutions can offer better performance, while greatly reducing gas rates for Ethereum transactions. Matic says its infrastructure can support 10,000 to 15,000 transactions per second Immediate Edge, and one or two block seconds.

Unfortunately, the move to Matic’s network will not speed up the arrival of the game itself. While the Neon District plans to „launch multiple experiences in the third and fourth quarters of 2020,“ the first official season will not be available until 2021.