Patents in the decentralised economy will be the subject of unprecedented auctions from 2021 onwards.

Discover in video Vincent Lorphelin’s prediction about the decentralised economy. Could the states fight a war in order to possess as much as possible and as quickly as possible? The reflections presented in this series of predictions also touch on other ideas of the macro-economic order. We invite you to discuss each prediction and share your opinion.

What is the decentralised economy?

The decentralized economy is an economy without central actors. No one has full control over the data and permission is distributed among the users of decentralised systems. No longer a Google Drive in which you store your files, but a network of (decentralised) computers in which you store all, or part of, your files. These systems are now possible thanks to the combination of several technologies: cryptomoney, blockchain, but also P2P (peer-to-peer).

In addition, DeFi, also known as Decentralised Finance, has developed strongly in 2020. The volumes locked in Decentralized Finance protocols such as Maker, Aave, Compound or Uniswap have reached record highs: DeFi: the total locked value jumps to an absolute record. And even if the trend as well as the returns seem to have run out of steam, these decentralised finance protocols probably still have a bright future ahead of them.

In the latest news, in China, the central bank says that „the right to issue and control a digital currency will become a battlefield between states“ with the aim of banning or limiting the use of a crypto-dollar or crypto-euro. The aim is to break the dollar’s monopoly in order to internationalise the use of the yuan. Thus, China unveils more than a hundred patents that cover the production and circulation through the issuance of cryptomoney.

Vincent Lorphelin points out that China has more than a thousand patents in the cryptomoney sector, the United States 600 and only 60 in Europe. So the various states will be launching into a race to buy patents, which could quickly push up their prices. Vincent had already made an earlier prediction about a probable patent war before the end of 2020.

Who is the Institute of Economics?

An association created in 2011, the Institut de l’Iconomie is an independent think tank that analyses the stakes, the balance of power, as well as the risks and opportunities in order to design a possible future. Its members often have opposing sensitivities, which requires them to refer to the rigour of foresight, hence the formation of predictions.

The Institut de l’Iconomie is made up of entrepreneurs, economists, managers, statisticians, researchers and sociologists.

The speakers in this webinar are therefore not from the „crypto-sphere“ and do not necessarily share the ideals of the cypherpunks or the majority of people who possess crypto-actives. However, it is always interesting to see how the future of the cryptomatics industry is perceived.

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